Liquid Skin Hair & Beauty is a boutique salon and we are constantly growing. We respect our employees and are dedicated to provide a challenging and congenial work environment. If you are looking for working in an environment which is full of growth along with fun, which would put your professional skills to test every moment of the day, then LiquidSKIN International is the right place for you. Working with us will not only give you the opportunity to work with the best experienced hands in the Industry but will also allow you to enhance your skills and talent. Do not wait or think anymore. Send your resume right away at

Threading & Waxing Specialist

She is a professional in waxing & threading service with minimum 2 years of experience in customer delight. A smiling pleasant personality who takes pride in her work and is a team player. LiquidSKIN takes pride in quality and hygienic services and is always looking for right talent to join us. Positions will be offered based on Skills, competence, knowledge and experience.

Branch Manager

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Beauty/Sales Consultant

We are looking for an exceptional sales talent who is comfortable with diverse nationalities, enjoys talking with people and advising clients on beauty treatments for various skin types. She is self motivated and a team player with professional qualifications in any of the beauty field.
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