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Our mission is to provide today’s women with best skin and hair removal options at the most affordable prices. LiqudSKIN established since Year 2000, strives to provide its customers with latest development in the field of skin care and hair treatment. Be it delivery method, technology or products whilst maintaining harmony with environment using natural and organic products manufactured in Europe and Singapore under strict quality control and ISO 9001 environment.

LiqudSKIN believes in sustainable development of the planet and where possible we try to use products and practices that are more environmentally friendly and reduce wastage. LiqudSKIN products are tested before introducing these to our clientele thereby ensuring optimal results for our deserving clients. Extra care is taken to ensure that LiqudSKIN products are gentle and suitable for sensitive skin and delivered in the most professional way by qualified and experienced therapists. We believe in fulfilling the beauty needs of modern women keeping in mind the environment-friendly standards. We aim to provide quality services and customer satisfaction above all. Our team comprises of various beauty experts who are well experienced in their respective areas and work constantly according to dynamic requirements of our customers. Client satisfaction is our utmost priority and we make sure to provide them a great service experience along with top quality services.

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Apart from professional beauty services and treatments, LiquidSkin salon also offers you products which are 100% organic and are filled with nature’s goodness. After all, inorganic products are filled with harmful chemicals which makes your skin and hair dull and make them loose their natural power. Here we are with our brand-new range of organic beauty products:
We all know the importance of applying a good hair oil before washing our hair. It helps to provide extra moisture and activates natural oil glands making our hair lustrous and strong. At LiqudSKIN salon, you can shop our organic hair oil which is all you need for your pre-hair wash schedule.
In a world full of harsh shampoos which are filled with toxic chemicals, we are here to provide you a mild organic shampoo which will keep your hair soft and restore the damaged hair follicles. Hair shampoo is one of the most important product when it comes to haircare. So, choose wisely and shift to organic haircare.
One of the most popular and most effective beauty mantras for good skin is: Cleans-scrub-mask! However effective it might be but three steps take a whole lot of time specially in today’s fast life. Therefore, we have brought a miracle product which has all three steps in just one bottle. It will definitely safe you a lot of time and provide you unbelievable results.

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